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Traditional Orthodontics in Fort Saskatchewan

While many advances have been made in orthodontic treatment, traditional treatments remain the most common. Braces not only improve the aesthetics of your smile but the function of your teeth as well. Fort Saskatchewan Orthodontics can play a vital role in oral health by helping to properly align your teeth and jaw.

Advantages of Traditional Orthodontic Treatment Fort Saskatchewan

Fort Saskatchewan Traditional braces are attached directly to your teeth, so they can’t be misplaced or forgotten. This means treatment time can be more predictable because you can’t remove the treatment and have periods where nothing is happening. You also cannot remove braces when you want to eat or drink, and consequently, nothing to lose or throw away by mistake. If you have trouble remembering to wear your clear aligners, traditional treatment may be the right choice for you.

How Traditional Braces Work

Metal brackets are adhered directly to each tooth and connected with a wire. Elastic bands hold the wire in place and come in a variety of colours, including clear. When you come in for follow-up appointments, the wire is tightened incrementally, causing the teeth to slowly come into alignment.

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