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Dental Technology at Fort Orthodontics

orthodontist in Sherwood Park Fort Orthodontics is committed to using the latest technology to best serve our patients. We use digital scanners to capture accurate, detailed, clear images of your teeth, gums, and jawline. Digital imagery provides better views of your teeth than traditional X-rays do.

CBCT Scanner

Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) provides a 3D image that not only shows your teeth and bone structure but the surrounding soft tissue and nerve pathways as well.

A CBCT scan takes about 20-40 seconds. The scanner will move around your head and compile hundreds of images into one.

iTero Scanner

Fort Saskatchewan iTero Scanners are a type of intraoral scanner that gives near-instant imaging without the use of radiation. This means it’s safe for everyone, including pregnant women. A handheld scanner captures all of the structures of the mouth – including teeth, gums, and jaws.

Comprehensive 3D imaging is available within minutes, giving dentists the most accurate information possible to treat their patients.

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