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LightForce Brackets

LightForce Brackets in Fort Saskatchewan

A form of 3D-printed custom clear brackets, LightForce Brackets are similar to traditional orthodontics except that each bracket is custom-made and printed from a proprietary material. Custom-fitted brackets mean that your orthodontic treatment is tailored specially to your smile goals and needs.

Advantages of LightForce Brackets

LightForce Brackets are fully customized to each individual tooth and are an alternative to metal ones. They can be white or clear and are easily bonded to your teeth. In some cases, with traditional treatment, a bracket may become loose or broken. Because LightForce Brackets are 3D printed, they are easily replaced on-site, resulting in less delay. 

How LightForce Brackets Work

These brackets are custom printed to ensure a precise fit and the most comfortable experience possible. Along with custom brackets, a LightTray is also 3D printed and used to bond the brackets to each tooth. These trays are designed to make the bonding process both faster and more accurate. A wire is then fitted through each bracket and tightened throughout treatment to properly align your teeth.

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