"Highly recommend Ortho treatment at Fort/Expressions Orthodontics. Friendly staff, welcoming a new patient. Worth every penny spent. End results will blow your mind. Work hard for what you want to achieve in life."  Nathan

"My experience with Expression Orthodontics was amazing. They explain things very well. They are amazing people."  Lexie

"Dr. Sunny made me love my smile! Thank you!"  Charly-Jean

"Stuck with me for 5 whole years. The doctor was as devoted to these braces as I was! His experience with braces himself as a wearer truly made it feel like a better experience."  Mitchell

"Dr. Leong and his staff are extremely friendly people. My teeth three years ago were absolutely awful and he gave me such a beautiful smile, which I am very thankful for! I would recommend anyone to come here!"  Shenaz

"I could not have asked for a more amazing experience with Fort Orthodontics. You guys rock! I smile confidently now because of you!"  Hanna

"Wow! Great service and wonderfully straight teeth now. Thanks very much for everything."  Clayton

"In the words of Tony the Tiger 'They're Greeaat!'"  Aaron

"Having braces is a long process, but it didn't turn out all that bad. The entire time, I could look forward to having a great smile for the future. Overall, it was an interesting experience."  Ethan

"I really enjoyed going to Expressions/Fort Orthodontics because Dr. Sunny Leong and his team were always super friendly and made me laugh. It was a really positive experience. Thanks for the difference it made!"  Jenae

"I feel more confident in my smile. Dr. Sunny and his crew are very friendly and I felt very "at home" when I came into the Orthodontic establishment."  Haylie

"We have always had great and friendly service here and it is totally professional. Thanks!"  Randy

"Very friendly staff. You have always made sure that I feel welcome and you have always tried to get me an appointment in a timely manner. I have and will always recommend you to friends and family."  Vanessa

"My experience here at Expressions Ortho was nothing less than exceptional. Dr. Leong is a kind, generous and dedicated man. His time being precious, and a very pain free experience. His team is a strong, outgoing bunch who knows how to make you smile. Thank you for every effort you put into this three year adventure with me. Would recommend to anyone, and previously have. All my love!"  Emanuelle